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Frizell Fights for Justice and Equality


Dallas County DA Democratic candidate Elizabeth Frizell issues statement on firing of Assistant District Attorney

Dallas, Texas – Jody Warner was recently fired from the Dallas County District Attorney’s office for berating an Uber driver. Elizabeth Frizell stood behind her as she issued her apology.

“I […]

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Frizell Featured in Attorney Law Magazine

Elizabeth Davis Frizell is featured in the prestigious Attorney at Law Magazine – Greater Dallas Edition! In her article she revisits her Christian upbringing, her rise through the legal community, and the decision to run for District Attorney of Dallas County.


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Faith Johnson is a Republican and her Democratic parents made her that way

To understand Faith Simmons Johnson, you have to know something about her father.

Benjamin Simmons Sr. had 13 children. He worked a lot of jobs to keep his family fed and clothed. He refused to accept welfare and handouts. He was a lifelong Democrat.

And he is why Dallas’ newly appointed district attorney is a Republican. Johnson […]

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John Creuzot: Posing Democrat or Die Hard Republican?

For most of his political career, Creuzot has been a Republican… so WHY did he switch to Republican? And more importantly, does he hold DEMOCRATIC values in his heart or policies… or is he a posing Democrat to get the VOTE?

Read the articles below to make your determination.

Democratic Judge John Creuzot Garners Republican Support Print […]

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DMN: Elizabeth Frizell Announces Run for Dallas District Attorney

Elizabeth Davis Frizell is resigning as a state district judge to run for Dallas County district attorney.

Monday is her last day as judge in Criminal District Court 7.

Frizell, a Democrat, turned in her resignation letter to Regional Administrative Judge Mary Murphy. A temporary replacement will preside over Frizell’s criminal court until the vacancy is filled […]

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DMN: S.T.A.R. Court Offers New Hope

It’s difficult to disguise a courtroom. For the most part, no matter what you do, it’s still a court of law, with unflattering lighting, two burly bailiffs in the corner and a ban on gum chewing

.But in state District Judge Elizabeth Frizell’s courtroom this week, guests who sat in wooden benches whooped and laughed out […]

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DMN: Candidates for Dallas DA- who’s best criminal justice innovator

In this era of alternative solutions for criminal justice, the candidates for Dallas County district attorney are touting reform and innovation.

So who’s best equipped to pump fresh ideas into criminal prosecution and public safety?

At her campaign kickoff Tuesday, former state District Judge Elizabeth Frizell said she was the best […]

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DMAG: Judge Elizabeth Davis Frizell Joins Dallas County DA Race

The state district judge resigned from her position in Criminal District Court 7. Her last day is Monday, and she will kick off her campaign Tuesday at a press conference. Frizell will face former District Judge John Creuzot next March in the Democratic primary for district attorney. More contenders are expected to surface in what is […]

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WFAA: Dallas program helps women break cycle of recidivism


There was a special moment in a Dallas courtroom Monday for a woman who’s turning her life around.

Not long ago, Felicia Flynn was a prostitute, but now she has a job in a restaurant. Monday, she celebrated a milestone, graduating from STAR Court, a court-ordered diversion program that seeks to help […]

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DMN:Specialty court in Dallas County gives prostitutes a way out of jail time and off the streets too

Crack was her pimp.

For six years, 34-year-old Nina Martin was trapped in a cycle of getting high and selling her body on Dallas streets to earn money for her next fix. She was in and out of jail. She was raped. She was abused.

Her dangerous lifestyle didn’t change until 2012, when Martin went before  state […]

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