Frizell on Bond Reduction

//Frizell on Bond Reduction

Frizell on Bond Reduction


BOND REDUCTIONS are important because when someone can’t get out of jail – they can lose their job, their home or apartment, and many times their family. It can destroy their ENTIRE LIFE! They have to figure out a way to put their life back together again!

As the new DA, I want to train prosecutors to ARGUE FOR AN APPROPRIATE FAIR AMOUNT OF BOND! Because a BOND just simply means you are agreeing to come back to court and/or not a danger to society while you’re out on bond.

As a judge, I have seen time and time again prosecutors fight to keep bonds high, keeping the defendant in jail, then on the day of trial dismissing or reducing the case!  We should NOT be teaching our prosecutors to do this. It’s a toxic practice that once again FEEDS into MASS INCARCERATION and it has to STOP!!

We can have EXCELLENCE in the DA’s office.
We can EXCEL WITH Judge Elizabeth FRIZELL.

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